Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Murder of the Puppies from Predal
by a witness to these atrocities

I was feeding this mother daily and I intended to make a cart for her in a safe place. I announced about my intention the staff from the Railway Company. She was waiting for me daily next to the railway lines. I good wiling man had brought a cage. The she dog was a very good mother and never left away of her puppies. But one I couldn’t find the puppies and the mother was looking at me with tearful eyes waiting from help. There are people working at the railway company who commute daily to Brasov. I asked the workers and they told me that in the previous evening their boss Pavel Corneliu and his subordinate Vasile Kish had told the workers to take the puppies when they would leave by train and let them wherever. 

The workers put the puppies in a bag and left with them, with the dog mother running after the train. At night the mother went back to the place where she had raised the puppies. I know all this from one of the railway employees. I tried to find out who was the person who had taken the puppies with the hope I could go and save them. I was told the railway station boss knows the name. I asked Pavel Corneliu, the boss the name was the worker and I told him I intended to go and save them. He told me to go at the next station – Darste, at 22 km- to find the puppies. I went there and no puppy…I asked again and this time he said another station, in the opposite direction. I understood he was making fool of me. He didn’t want to say the name of the worker who took the puppies. I looked at the workers. Which of them is the killer? One of them approached me and told me: Stop looking for the pups! It’s useless!

I received phone calls from the people I asked about the puppies. The killer’s name is Florin. In that unfortunate evening all puppies in the neighborhood were caught by Florin, including 5 other 2 months old puppies which were living next to the railway lines, in the back of the Dragului Hotel, but not on railway’s company’s land. People in the neighborhood told me that the killer Florin, at Pavel’s orders used to throw puppies in front of the trains that passed through Predeal railway station.
The 2 dog mothers run along the station platform, look at the trains and run after them , in the hope they would find their puppies. They suffer very much because the milk excess but the greates pain is the loss of their puppies.

The killers from the Predeal railway station must be stoped!


  1. I have emailed all the attached people. This heinous atrocity must end. Some sort of video evidence could be crucial to get this story around the world; making people aware of what is happening, so they too can email the authorities. Any animal lover can not stand and do nothing while these innocent puppies are snatched from their mothers and murdered.

  2. I have heard some terrible stories in my fifty three years on this Earth, but this takes the cake. I ask that God bring chaos and destruction to those involved in these murders of these innocent puppies. And do not for one minute think it is wrong to ask God for this, for centuries God has destroyed evil people, and He will again!!!!