Friday, 24 June 2011


It has now come to light that the original puppies only a few days old were taken from the grounds of a hotel in Predal. Yesterday another 5 stray puppies aged 2 months of age who also lived in the grounds of the hotel as the previous pups taken the day before, were taken by the same railway employees and thrown infront of oncoming trains at Predal Station.

It could be suggested that there is an arrangement between the Hoteliers and the Railway workers, how else would these men be allowed to freely roam a property and pick up animals from its ground?

Just 2 weeks ago the hoteliers made complaints about the stray dogs around their hotel to local police, and now suddenly the railway workers are wandering around the hotel grounds and carrying away puppies to throw out of or at moving or oncoming trains?

It is sad to say that there are many hotels in Predal where the puppies are being taken from , I will be adding a list here shortly. Also of hotels that staff members are actively encouraged by the management to poison and kill in anyway they can.

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  1. This is just sickening! The only way to control stray dogs is to spay & neuter, we know shelters are given money to carry this out, but rarely does that money be used for its intended purpose. However, as with most animal welfare problems, people bury their heads in the sand, most believing its not their problem unless its in their Country. Is there any way to get video evidence of this? As heinous as it is, with video proof (sometimes people have to see it to believe it)posted on certain sites, especially you Tube; people would certainly take notice. Certain other animal abuse video's have gone viral around the world & in doing so have led to convictions. Aside from mailing the parties involved here (which I have done) I do think trying to get some sort of video evidence would be something to consider so it can be used as a tool to convict those committing these atrocities.